The Significance of Journaling

We all deserve to feel significant. To feel that we’ve done something or created something that contributes to the world in a positive way. Most people I know feel significant because they are raising kids. I’ve heard many people say they don’t know what they would do if they didn’t have children. As if to say they didn’t take the time to explore what they want outside of societal expectations. 

As a kid, the only place where my thoughts and dreams got acknowledged was in my diary. Every hope, secret, and angry rant. I’ve been journaling for 25 years. My journal is the first to know my new ideas. It’s the first to hear of what troubles me. Sometimes I wake up to find three journals in my bed.  A journal doesn’t judge you. It doesn’t care how neat or messy your penmanship is. You can release your fears on the pages and burn them after, if you like. The grandest of dreams can be brought to life by journaling. 

Of all the dreams I’ve written down, being a parent is not one of them. The Bitchy Bookkeeper blog and the Childfree Girls web series  allow me to speak publicly about this decision. I have a passion for this topic. Choosing whether or not to have kids is a sensitive and personal experience. Even the most confident and prepared person has moments of doubt and worry, not just on this matter but with life in general. Sometimes, you need a moment alone with your thoughts.

Childfree Journals was created to encourage self-expression around the topic of being childfree. These journals are a safe, offline space for you to write out whatever you need to. Journaling helps lift the cloud of anxiety and fear. Inspired ideas show up and you gain clarity on what you want for your life. By embracing your decision, you feel empowered. The choices you make reflect your inner state.

We’re bombarded daily by products that promote procreation. So why not treat yourself to something that supports your desired way of life? Check out the fun trailer! 

LeNora Faye is founder of The Bitchy Bookkeeper; a childfree lifestyle brand. She is also creator of Childfree Journals and 1/3 of the founding non-mothers of Childfree Girls.

*Featured image by Pexels from Pixabay

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