Why Did I Agree to Interview a Pro-Lifer?

The three of us sat at our computers, me in Canada, Kristen in the U.S, and Isabel in Colombia. We went over some business before welcoming our guest on screen. I had prepared only one question, as I wanted to see where the conversation was going to go. In hindsight, it would have been more effective to pull out my childhood Bible.

A pro-life Christian had reached out to us on Instagram looking to have a conversation with someone who is “pro-choice aka pro-abortion.”  Fighting words right there, eh? I’m not much of an arguer on social media. Kristen usually handles these conversations since she loves them.

And that’s how I ended up spending an hour being told how I had no right to claim rape and incest are wrong, let alone abortions, because it’s my world-view and not that of God’s word. 

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

I’ve never aspired to be a host of anything. I had no experience interviewing people prior to this web series. It’s a challenge to remain stoic. The amount of times I’ve broken off into a fit of giggles during conversations is countless. Five minutes into this interview, I wanted to laugh.

Not because it was funny, but because it felt like a bad joke. Our guest looked sensible, but beware the wrath of the born-again Christian. I was born into Christianity, left it in my teen-years, was born again at 22, and have since gone on to live life as an agnostic. It’s taken a good decade to remove most of the dogma from my psyche.

I was happy to sit back and let my co-hosts talk. In order to break up the sermon, Kristen said, “LeNora, I know you have a question.”  

 ‘Oh, for fuck’s sake, Kristen,’ I thought, ‘I’m in no mood to converse with this person.’

I think I asked two questions the entire conversation, and both times I felt angry as I spoke. Annoyed and angry. Annangry, maybe? To be fair to the guest, who had a pleasant demeanor, I know what it’s like to believe in something wholeheartedly to the point that everyone else is wrong. That feeling of responsibility to save a “lost” soul. I feel that way anytime someone mentions they want to have children. ‘Do you really?’ I think to myself. I remain pro-choice, however. Do what feels best for you. I advocate for the childfree community, but not with the intent to convince people to not have children. The conversation that was unfolding was not so much a discussion but rather a loop designed to make us repent. 

Once we said good-bye to our guest, the three of us sank back into our chairs, completely drained. Still childfree, but exhausted. This must be what raising a child feels like. An endless loop of WTF!

LeNora Faye is founder of The Bitchy Bookkeeper: a childfree lifestyle brand. She is also creator of Childfree Journals and 1/3 of the founding non-mothers of Childfree Girls.

*Featured photo by ShonEjai from Pexels

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