Happy people don’t bingo the childfree

The other day, someone commented on my Instagram about never knowing the greatest love ‘until you have children.’ 

Navigating through life as a childfree person will test and increase your inner strength. It bears repeating that happy people don’t ‘bingo’ childfree people. In my 20s, I used to practice defensive responses in the shower. I had no idea how much energy I was giving away by doing this. How can I control the reaction someone has to my life choices?  I can’t. 

We can block trolls like “coolguywhothinksheiswitty” from our social media. Removing unsupportive co-workers, family members, and friends from our lives isn’t always possible. We don’t need to harden our hearts and build a protective fortress in order to deal with judgement. Instead, realize that people who are content and happy will respect your choice. Even if they don’t agree with it. Those who oppose with criticism and anger are the ones who need a hug, albeit a virtual hug in these days of coronavirus. 

LeNora Faye is founder of The Bitchy Bookkeeper: a childfree lifestyle brand. She is also creator of Childfree Journals and 1/3 of the founding non-mothers of Childfree Girls.

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  1. The greatest love is the one you feel for your child. The little helpless person who looks just like you that you made. You love them? What a shocker. How big is the heart of the person who sees their fellow human and feels that same love and fraternity? Or how about a person who wants a biological child but loves the earth so dearly that they could not imagine further burdening her with another person. We have hearts and feel very deeply as well. Love comes in many forms.


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