Childfree Girls Summer Update #1

Glacier National Park, British Columbia Canada

Summer salutations! 

Here’s hoping you’re able to enjoy some summer activities amid the muck that is 2020.

Co-host Isabel remains on lockdown in Colombia. I’ve been inadvertently torturing her with photos of the Canadian Rockies as I’m currently on a road trip. Some provinces here in Canada are open for Canadian tourists. The border remains closed to international travelers. 

Co-host Kristen is in the process of selling her house and buying a new one. Exciting and hectic at the same time. Thank goodness she doesn’t have kids to worry about. 

We are nearing our first anniversary of Childfree Girls. August 1, 2020, we aired our first episode on our YouTube channel. Which also happens to be International Childfree Day. 

There are many things I love about this collab but one thing in particular is the level of teamwork that occurs. The three of us divide the workload of social media, podcast editing, website maintenance, and emails. 

Then there are times where one of us is swamped with life. Sometimes two of us. But there is always someone to keep the boat afloat. 

This past winter, pre-Covid, was rough for me and I was side-tracked with life stuff. Some days, I had zero creative energy. I let Kristen & Isabel know what was going on and they looked after my portion of responsibilities when I needed them to.  When the pandemic hit, I was able to focus again on helping build the podcast. 

Solo travel is relaxing for me. I feel inspired by the scenery. I daydream and brainstorm ideas for Childfree Girls. Envisioning events where we co-hosts get together in person, meeting more childfree people, all of you who support our show. 

Two weeks ago, we recorded a beautiful episode that airs this Sunday (July 12th). We had four guests join us for a discussion about being childfree at various ages. A teen, a 20-something, me and Isabel in our 30s, Kristen in her 40s, a 50-something, and a 60-something.

We all came from different countries, which was really cool. It was 1 AM for our guest in Bulgaria.  

After we finished recording and said goodbye to our guests, the three of us stared at each other through our computer screens in awe of the conversation we’d just had. I can’t speak for Isabel and Kristen, but for me I felt that my life-purpose was so clear in that moment.

Contributing to the childfree conversation. 

I love doing this show and all the other things that come with it. Well, maybe not the conversations with a Christian anti-abortionist but it’s an experience right? 

LeNora Faye is founder of The Bitchy Bookkeeper: a childfree lifestyle brand. She is also creator of Childfree Journals and 1/3 of the founding non-mothers of Childfree Girls.

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