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Isabel, Colombia

Isabel Firecracker is the founder and firebrand of The Uprising Spark, a platform designed to help modern, childfree women define and reach their life goals. She is a world traveler, an avid kitesurfer, and loves dogs. Pragmatic, no-nonsense life purpose igniter and host of The Honest Uproar podcast. Childfree intersectional feminist.

Kristen, US

Kristen Tsetsi is the author of The Age of the Child, in which a repeal of Roe vs. Wade has unanticipated consequences that take a surprising turn from one generation to the next. Called “One of the first novels I’ve read to really consider the issue of reproductive rights and attitudes so deeply” (Cobwebs Book Review) and “Scathing social commentary” (Goodreads review), The Age of the Child follows Katherine, who has never wanted children, from the shuttered clinic where her abortion appointment has been canceled to the awkward situation this creates with her husband to the disruptions it brings to her life–and beyond.

Kristen is also the author of the experience-informed Iraq wartime novel Pretty Much True and the (woman’s take on the male mid-life crisis) novel The Year of Dan Palace.

Kristen has appeared on local US TV (NBC and FOX) and public radio to discuss the childfree choice and writes childfree-related content on Medium. She also created  Obitogy.com as a free guide to obituary/eulogy writing (seems unrelated, but without kids to write one for you, maybe it will help you write your own).

LeNora, Canada

LeNora Faye is a childfree lifestyle advocate, speaker, and moderator who creates global platforms, both public and private, for people who are choosing not to have, birth, or raise children.

She is a co-founder/moderator for Childfree Convention, which creates virtual events for the childfree community. She also hosts the weekday morning show, Childfree Morning Chat, on Clubhouse, part of Childfree Club. In 2019, LeNora created Childfree Journals, a series of illustrated paperback journals available on Amazon.

LeNora is a classically trained violinist and pianist who enjoyed a decade-long career as a performer and teacher. After transitioning to a career in small business management, which lasted seven years, she discovered a need for more conversation and awareness surrounding the childfree choice conversation.

Using her skills as a performer, business manager, and educator, LeNora Faye creates an environment where individuals thrive while exploring and expressing their potential.

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